Water slide bathing suit malfunction

SGirl Loses Shoe During Skydive, Shoe Hits Instructor in Face, Girl Catches Shoe in Mid Air. Save More, Shop More. 20% Off Women Transparent Clothes! Experiencing a bathing suit malfunction is a pretty common occurrence at any beach or pool, and Katy Perry definitely had a (slightly NSFW) one recently. For anyone worried about wardrobe malfunctions, the perils of wearing a teeny bikini are obvious. The perils of wearing one under bright lights on a runway. The Wardrobe Malfunction trope as used in popular culture. You've heard of Nothing Is Scarier, right? This trope could be called Nothing Is Sexier. Clothing. How could you possibly make sexy girls sexier? Just add water and a slide. These are the hottest water slide videos on the internet. [. ] as it turns out, socks aren't the thing that can be knocked off by the boogie-board ride down a wide, two-lane slide with water shooting up its incline. "The. Wood Siding. Traditional wood siding for your home will always be the preferred choice in any siding installation. However, you need the right siding contractor to. Best Epic Slip and Slide fails - July 2015 - No Pictures - Funniest - Duration: 2:48. Mega Zap-Tube 2,298,016 views Save More, Shop More. 20% Off Women Transparent Clothes! Unsubscribe from Videos Worth Watching? It is the accident you don't want to have! Very funny.